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In the fast-paced world of fashion, there are very few trends that endure the test of time. Or more specifically, seasons. But it seems like the all-beige outfits are here to stay. If anything, it is only gaining its deserved fame. And since tonal dressing is right up our alley, being both minimalistic and elegant, we took a chance to create the best tone-in-tone casual suiting outfits you'll be living in this summer.


Tonal dressing 101


Even though tonal dressing seems like a difficult task to take on, the key is being bold with this calm neutral colour palette. Opt for oversized clothing, experiment with textures and most importantly, combine different shades of beige in one outfit.


And stick to those shades from head-to-toe! The textures will take over the role of diversifying the look and think long coats and wide-cut trousers for the oversized silhouettes. Last but not least, the muted colours call for adding statement accessories to enliven the neutral hue.


Try cool ties, flashy sunglasses or another icon of past summers, Chino Hats!

Key pieces from HANSEN Garments suiting


Starting things off right away with our speciality, casual suiting. Once you choose a suit as a centrepiece for your tone-in-tone outfit (and make sure to pick the right one!), you may want to stride away from the basic shirts.


Adding knitwear to your outfit is the way to go, just like Uno chose in her outfit, combining G. R. P. Polo Short Sleeve Knit Shirt in ecru with CHRISTOFFER Two Button Blazer and SUNE Pleated Wide Cut Trousers from our SS20 collection.

Showcasing how to turn all beige suiting astonishing, Frederik wears pieces from our latest SS21 collection. Among other casual suiting pieces, like our FOLKE Scarecrow's Jackets, you can try something more elegant like this summer twist three-piece suit CHRIS Two Button Classic Blazer with HALFDAN Classic Waistcoat and SUNE Pleated Wide Cut Trousers, all in shade beach. The outfit is finished off with our Printed Tie.

Always ready Scandi style


Now, we all know how reliable those Scandinavian summers are. So having a perfect overcoat at hand is the signature move of the true Nordics.


Just like Per, who's wearing our amazing MORTEN Long Windbreaker Coat complimented by TORBEN Knitted Zip Cardigan available in several colours. The knitted material breaks the tonal outfit and gives it another angle. To build up the layering, we added one of our eminent pieces, HENNING Casual Classic Shirt in the sand shade.

Taking a spin on a classic blazer, Kristian is wearing LUKAS Casual Blazer in shade lion. To follow the checklist of the perfect beige outfit, the look is completed with KEN Wide Cut Trousers in shade camel and Kapital's Fair Isle Bone Knitted Vest. And to add an eye-catching accessory, Kristian is wearing The Old Man and The Sea Chino Cap from Kapital in beige, the perfect summer addition to your outfit.

Prints everywhere


Focusing solely on suiting and topcoats is not the ultimate goal. After all, you are building up a summer outfit. Once you strip that overcoat, you need an impressive outfit underneath. And prints are a great statement piece to keep your outfit in check.


Alexander is wearing Kountry Blue Bear Shirt from one of our favourite brands, Kapital. This piece is the showstopper in the outfit but doesn’t steal the show from the beige tones of DIRK Short Windbreaker Jacket and VILLE Loose Fit Trousers in shade cardboard.

Meanwhile, Åse opted for Mountain Research T-1 Future Shirt and their Thermal Hoodie, both in beige, creating a perfect outfit for the brisk Scandinavian summer evenings. The outfit is finished off with Mountain Research Zipper Pants in Khaki, a piece that cannot miss in any nifty wardrobe. For a proper summer outfit, don't forget to add your most outstanding sunglasses! Just like these icons from AO Eyewear.

Forget everything you've ever heard about all-beige outfits being dull and uninteresting. Especially now that you know the tonal dressing, breaking all the rules of dressing you've ever heard of is anything BUT boring! With the shades and the window of textures you can experiment with, tone-in-tone outfits are a place of limitless opportunities.