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In the name of slow fashion, our latest spring/summer collection brings back some icons that you could try over the years, with minor adjustments and revisioned designs. But to transfer to a new season, we are introducing our Scarecrow's Jacket in three different designs.


We love that it is simple, and in many ways, it gives us a new way of presenting our core identity; the casual suiting. Of course, we added our own HANSEN flavour to the style. The cut is no longer as simple as the tradition. We have shaped and tweaked it and added some details with a hint of tailoring.


This kimono-inspired look derives from traditional clothing used by farmers that was tailored to save fabric while creating a practical garment. An item of clothing that would allow flexibility and comfort throughout the day.


With our novel approach, we reimagined this garment from simple farmer's clothing into an elaborate suit-piece that will grab attention whenever you decide to dress up. Thanks to the airy and comfortable fabrics we picked to make this garment not just a piece of clothing, you'll feel like you're wearing an experience.


Let's dive in and look at the different styles we have in store for you. Each design is presented by two of our team members and styled differently to inspire you!



Being inspired by the variety and versatility of summer, we decided to create several options you can reach for and pick from when it comes to our SS21 suiting. Starting with the FOLKE Scarecrow's Jacket in beige, this item is made of Italian cotton blend lancé, one of the favourite fabrics we worked with within this collection.


Lancé weave is a rare and very traditional technique that creates an impression of hand-stitched material on its surface. The fabric is strong yet airy and light, just perfect for summer suiting. Like all our Scarecrow's Jackets, it has multiple options of closing.


The traditional front button is the one you use if you're going for a classic look. But if you're looking for something else, try the kimono-style closing, with the flat strips applied on each side of the jacket.

To finish off the casual look of the jacket, we added two big patched-on front pockets, one small design front pocket and two inner pockets, perfectly capturing our signature HANSEN design. The detailing on the jacket is well thought through, from the stitching to the single back split.

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If you're ready to be seen, opt for the FOLKE Scarecrow's Jacket in blue. Made of the same Italian lancé cotton blend and design in the same way as its beige twin, it is equally comfortable yet blasting out that summer vibe.


And to complete the circle, we, of course, designed the FOLKE Scarecrow's Jacket in classic black. This style comes with a twist. The fabric used is a mix of natural cotton and hemp. Thanks to the unique weaving method, the natural hemp on the warp intertwine with the naturally dyed cotton on the weft, giving this garment an unusual design and feel.



Naturally, you should always experiment with your clothing to find a way to express yourself most accurately. But if you're looking for a matching outfit, then pair up your FOLKE Scarecrow's Jacket with the TRYGVE Wide Cut Cropped Trousers!


In beige, blue and black, ready to dress you up for any summer occasion. And of course, to finish off the casually elegant black FOLKE jacket and TRYGVE trousers, throw in the BEN Crew Neck Waistcoat in black hemp as well.


All these summer items are perfect to combine with the outstanding pieces like JAMES Slub Yarn Pocket T, or icons returning for SS21 like JONNY Short Sleeve Shirts. And of course, no summer look would be complete without the right accessories, like the AO Eyewear Sunglasses and Ferker Vegetable Leather Sandals!

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