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Merz b. Schwanen makes some of the world’s best cotton basics, period. This German underwear label, creating some of the world's best basics, was originally established in 1911 by Balthasar Merz in Swabian Alb. The company, forgotten for decades, was revived in 2011 by Peter Plotnicki and Gitta Plotnicki after their lucky find at Berlin's fleamarket.

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Authentic design with a promise of contemporary spin

 Unlike most cotton basics, Merz b. Schwanen henleys and t-shirts don’t have side seams and the fabrics are also exceptionally soft and have a noticeably uneven character. Flecks of different colours add some intrigue to each design - an added texture to everything they create. 

This is all thanks to the way it’s woven on vintage tubular knitting machines from the 1920s. It's beautiful to think that each garment is drenched in the company’s rich history. 

And, it’s not only the fabric that is made the original way; everything from the genuine Mother of Pearl buttons, the classic packaging, and even the woven labels are made in Germany. Peter Plotnicki and Gitta Plotnicki are both proud to stick to their roots and carry on over one hundred years of tradition of Merz b. Schwanen.

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