As you may know by now, at HANSEN Garments we love unusual pieces that have a rich backstory and heritage. And Chamula Original fits into this category perfectly! The traditional Mexican footwear made by hand from vegetable-tanned leather is a design out of this world.

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Chamula Original is not only preserving the traditional design, but also the traditional production methods. Every piece tailored by Chamula artisans is handcrafted by the same person from the first touch to the last. From Chamula clothing to Chamula footwear, all pieces have that signature warmth to them that can arise only from honest handmade craftsmanship.

The materials used for the production are locally sourced in the Mexican hillsides. From the highest quality leather used for the Chamula huarache sandals to the softest Merino wool for the Chamula knitwear. 

Best news? Chamula produces collections for both men and women, so everybody can find the desired piece in their rich selection. Chamula shoes are available worldwide nowadays, thanks to the brand's close partnership with selected resellers. If you're looking for Chamula Shoes UK to Chamula shoes anywhere else in the world, a pair of these unique sandals can be yours, wherever you are!

Chamula Shoes - you just won't take them off this summer

Because let's be honest, why would you? Chamula shoes are just too perfect to be replaced by a different pair (even though, we can see how the Ferker Sandals may cross your mind here…). And we're here to properly introduce you to these wonderful shoes, piece by piece and give you the honest Chamula shoes review. Even though we have to admit, we are in love!

Starting with the men's collection, the traditional huarache sandals come in tho different styles. Chamula Cancun is a more traditional and elegant version. These sandals have a closed front, but the traditional weave technique and comfortable material leave your feet feeling clean, nonetheless. 

The more relaxed version is Chamula Chichen, huarache sandals with open tips and heels. Made with the same weaving technique, Chamula Chichen is equally comfortable as its more elegant twin.

Thanks to the vegetable-tanned leather used to create these gems and native Mexican embellishment, the Chamula shoes are shaped in elegant and flattering silhouettes, comfortably embracing your feet. 

In the women's collection, on top of the huarache sandals, the brand introduced its twist on the highly popular mules. Chamula Mules are handcrafted from superior leather and available in a variety of styles and colours.

But you're right to think that the best is yet to come. Chamula Original doesn't only make wonderful shoes for warm weather. They reckoned with cold rainy days as well and introduced their line of Chamula Boots in both women and men's styles.

Moreover, to find the perfect fit, you can check the recommended sizing on their website. Bear in mind that each handmade product will be slightly different from the other, which, in the end, is what makes them special. Also remember, leather stretches!

Chamula Clothing- wrap yourself in comfort

On top of the Chamula footwear line, the brand produces impeccable knitwear as well. Their pieces are definitions of the feeling of warmth and comfort. You should definitely try it for yourself!

What Chamula does best in their clothing line is their knitwear. From Chamula Poncho with its beautiful traditional design and front buckle for styling to Chamula Cardigans with a chunky knit construction and traditional Fair Isle design.

The Brand also creates beautiful Chamula Pullovers in classic fisherman design with a double-layered ribbing neck. The pullovers come in several designs decorated with traditional patterns and embroidery.

Another addition to their knitwear collection is Chamula winter hats. These are both comfortable and warm, but yet airy for the most pleasant feeling, designed in classic beanie cut or more untraditional beret. And also the Chamula Scarfs, available in minimalistic designs just as well as colour-popping options.

All Chamula knitwear is made of locally sourced Merino wool from purebred sheep raised in Mexican mountains. Best of all, all Chamula knitwear is hand-knit by Mexican native artisans and produced in exclusive small batches. 

Moreover, in their knitwear line Chamula produces accessories as well. From Chamula Hats, a perfect accessory for the long warm summer days shielding you from rays of sunshine to Chamula Bracelets, made from sustainably sourced horsehair woven by hand into traditional Native_american inspired designs or organic vegetable-tanned leather hand-braided into traditional rawhide accent.

For more inspiration on what to buy and how to wear Chamula clothing, you can head over to the official Chamula Instagram Account full of summer inspiration and behind the scenes pictures from the brand.

And speaking of inspiration, don't forget to check out the HANSEN Garments SS21 collection where you can find ideal pieces for your summer that would go great with your new pair of Chamula Cancun huaraches in shade tan!

Or our collection of workwear among which you can find some exceptional pieces that would be nicely accompanied by Chamula Cancun huaraches in black.

Frequently asked questions about Chamula

Are Chamula shoes true to size?

Any hand-made product, made with care and love will have its singularities when it comes to design and construction. Not one piece is the same as the other. And so these singularities will necessarily show with the sizing as well.

Chamula specifically suggests whether you’re supposed to go a size up or down with each pair and style, or the style fits true to size. Bear in mind also that the vegetable-tanned leather Chamula uses for their footwear line has a tendency to stretch over time, just like any leather material.

To help find the best fit for your feet, Chamula provides a sizing guide on their website that will help you navigate your purchase. 

What are the pros of Chamula footwear?

Where to start. The materials used for Chamula products are all sustainably sourced and come from organic resources like locally produced and processed vegetable-tanned leather or Merino wool from locally raised sheep from Mexican mountains.

Chamula supports local craftsmanship. All their products are assembled by hand by native Mexican artisans who strive to preserve the invaluable traditional designs and materials of Mexican clothing and culture.

The passion and care transform into clothing and footwear, embracing you in the warmth and comfort of Chamula products. Head over to our website to explore the best pieces in our newly curated collection!