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Nothing transforms an outfit as effectively as perfectly fitting trousers. And in the HANSEN collection, you can find trousers of every style and fit, from classic dress pants to casual styles, summer linen trousers, wide-leg trousers and even men's high waisted trousers.

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You should remember this when choosing the perfect trousers

Even though we all think we know the perfect fit and design that will suit our figure and complete our style, we could all use some perspective on our choices from time to time. So let's have a look at what are the important factors while looking for the perfect pair of trousers.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best of us give in to trends and what seems to be popular right now. Temporary excitement can be fun, but sticking to the values of minimalism and sustainability will always win you the better choice in the long run.

When picking your favourite clothing, look at the garments you already own. Which are the ones you wear religiously and which ones have been warming up the shelf for months? The cut, the colour, the design, the patterns… all adds up to what makes the perfect garment for you.

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