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Porter Yoshida & Co. is a Japanese brand that has been producing functional and durable bags since its beginning in 1935. The brand was established by Kichizo Yoshida, who aimed to create bags that could withstand dirt and water and last a long time. Since then, Porter Yoshida & Co. has developed its own unique design, producing exclusively bags, accessories and other items.

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The beginnings

Porter Yoshida & Co. is a Japanese brand that was established in 1935 by Kichizo Yoshida. The brand aimed to produce functional bags that are both durable and stylish. Porter Yoshida has since developed a range of bags and accessories that are produced exclusively in Japan.

'Tanker' Bags

The 'Tanker' bags are a signature product line of Porter Yoshida & Co., recognised globally for their robust construction and timeless design. Crafted from durable nylon, these bags are designed to resist dirt and water, embodying Porter Yoshida's commitment to creating functional, durable, and stylish products.

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