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Introducing Tabito, an innovative blend of traditional Japanese design and modern Western aesthetics. Born from a unique collaboration between the REBIRTH PROJECT and the progressive footwear brand Tabito, these shoes represent a reimagining of the iconic Japanese shoe, Jika-tabi. With a design that pays homage to vintage work and military shoes, each pair is meticulously crafted using eco-friendly practices, such as repurposing old materials from car airbags.

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To create these shoes, the process involves a unique approach to sustainability and design, with the upper portions being skillfully crafted from recycled car airbag materials. When worn, this innovative, environmentally-friendly upper not only offers comfort and durability but also adds a distinctive touch to your everyday style.


Incorporating the traditional aesthetics of Japan, Tabito is redefining modern footwear by seamlessly blending cultural heritage with innovative design. There are two outstanding designs that Tabito offers to meet the stylistic preferences and functional needs of diverse wearers - the 'high cut' and 'low cut' versions.

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