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Reproduction Of Found

Reproduction of Found is a Japanese brand started in 2016 focusing on making military trainers. Creating quality footwear in a careful manner, Reproduction of Found draws inspiration from different countries' military training shoes. These timeless and universal items have long been at the forefront of the Japanese brand.

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The Designer

The designer of Reproduction of Found has a knack for vintage archives, and likes to feature a bold design with an original military mood. Focusing on military items, he finds timeless and universal items that transcend time and reinterprets them in a modern way using more luxurious materials than what was available at that time.

The Inspiration

It is also a captivating feature that the design of each model is different depending on which country the particular trainers were based on. The Japanese brand has a sincere attitude that is thoroughly faithful to the original models. If one is curious about the inspiration behind each sneaker, the model name, country name and age of the original models can be easily found on the trainers' soles.

Reproduction of Found has an attitude to explore the history of each design while reinterpreting them with more modern and high-quality materials through the military archives. Always inspired by military items, the design of the sneakers displays a special atmosphere.

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