The name VON EUSERSDORFF echoes the historical heritage of the label’s founding ancestors.
A family of German traders expert in the world-distribution of rare essences;
Mastering across nearly three centuries, an artisan practice that served as the cradle for the perfume industry as we currently know it.

Camille Henfling, the wizard behind the label’s rebirth, is a direct heir to the VON EUSERSDORFF lineage.

Each unearthed fragrance is like an opus to unforgettable memories. Childhood remembrances of the heavily scented atmosphere in the apothecary of his grandfather; holidays spent exploring the rich aromatic textures inside the warehouses of his family’s plantation in Costa Rica ...or days spent wandering about the herbs and spices mills in the Netherlands.

Commanding happenstance, Henfling moves to the perfume mecca city of Grasse – France to embark on a years long self tuition process that would ultimately ignite the establishment of VON EUSERSDORFF as the perfume maven it is today.

With a dedicated team of skilled laboratorians, Henfling breathes new life into his ancestor’s tradition yet with a contemporary olfactory interpretation that is rooted in the 21st century.