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The Original Madras Trading Company, a third generation family business, has been a unique blend of Indian heritage and American fashion since its inception. The company's roots trace back to a bold journey from Madras to New York City's garment district in the early 70s. Carrying nothing but a suitcase filled with Madras checks, this venture has grown into a flourishing business that's been supplying Madras checks and Indian textiles to multiple American clothing brands, and many of the most renowned names in the industry.

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Journey from Madras to The Big Apple

The Original Madras Trading Company, a fascinating blend of family heritage and fashion history, has a backstory that circles back to a brave man's journey from Madras to New York City in the early 70s. This pioneer set foot on the American landscape armed with nothing more than a suitcase filled with Madras checks. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a business on the vibrant 38th Street, amidst the pulsating heart of the garment district, under the watchful eyes of the iconic Empire State Building. That very place continues to be the company's operational hub, serving an array of America's most beloved fashion brands.

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