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As far as the formal wear game goes, things can get pretty dull if you're lacking inspiration or the right garments. To avoid any repetitiveness, HANSEN prepared a collection of waistcoat styles that will never bore or disappoint. Whether you're looking for a wedding waistcoat or a casual waistcoat to bring life to your everyday outfit, these waistcoats will spruce up your wardrobe without ruining the Scandinavian minimal taste.

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Could waistcoats ever go out of style?

Even though we might have unintentionally slid into comfort wear for a while, it's time to bring some timeless pieces back. And as of now, waistcoats are leading that category. This imperishable garment has stuck out through the season of sweatpants and sweaters to remind us that style cannot be just replaced by comfort, they should go hand in hand.

With that said, looking back at the history of waistcoats, since its origin in the early 17th century at English court, introduced by the King Charles II of England as the correct dress code, this piece has been upgraded several times throughout the ages. 

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