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Born out of a passion for the craft, Maison Fabre began its journey to becoming one of the most renowned household names producing high-quality leather gloves in 1924. However, the idea behind the production has sparked in the founder Etienne Fabre way before he established his first workshop. 

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Stepping into the world of the brand Maison Fabre

After Etienne's son Denis and his wife Rose took over, the brand flourished. Thanks to Rose's entrepreneurial spirit, voyage after voyage to spread the brand's name and involvement in the world of Haute Couture, she transformed an object of necessity and daily use into an art piece.

Rose built a community around the craft of glove making and set up a heritage that would last generations. Maison Fabre leather gloves broke into high fashion in the street of Paris, and from there it was a straight way to success.

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