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Épice Paris, established in 1999, revolutionizes the fashion world with its exquisite collection of stoles for both men and women. Founded by Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer, the brand's ethos resides in the realm of perfection and artistry.

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A pioneering brand

The brand's commitment to high-quality fabrics and exclusively natural fibers accentuates the vibrancy of colors, a trademark of Nordic aesthetics.


The characteristic subtlety and brilliance of Épice's shades are a nod to the captivating nuances of Scandinavian washes, reminiscent of the works of northern artists, and the streets of Copenhagen where color is synonymous with balance and vitality. Épice continues to explore similar technologies and innovative approaches to elevate the standard of their high-end fashion accessories, mirroring their commitment to quality, and artistic excellence.

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