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Casual Waistcoat  |  Broken Blue

KAJ 24-30-3  |  Winter Collection 

KAJ is a 6-button suit waistcoat with a high neck drop, button size- regulators on the back, and welted pockets on the front. It can be worn separately or as part of our well-known casual looking three-piece suits.

This sturdy cotton fabric is a broken twill. Broken twill is when the diagonal weave of the twill is intentionally reversed at every two warp ends. When looked at closely, the fabric has a zig-zag like pattern. The fabric has a brushed finish on both sides making it really soft and comfortable to wear.

  • 82% Cotton 18% Polyester
  • High neck drop
  • Button size-regulators
  • Welted front pockets
  • Brushed finish
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made in Europe

The mannequin is size M

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