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Often cited as one of six men who defined Japanese style, Yuki Matsuda and his umbrella company Meg Company’s influence on style is not obviously characterised a Japanese heritage but rather a unique take on all things Americana. The brands' slogan ‘Handmade by Artisans’ perfectly encapsulates the ethos and attention to detail visible in all of Meg Company’s brands and products.

Hailing from Osaka and growing up with a passion for all things imported, Yuki began his career in the fashion industry working for a Japanese brand in LA, sourcing new and exciting products for the Japanese market at trade shows such as the California Mart.

After leaving this job and working a series of odd jobs, Yuki had earned both the money and expanded his knowledge to a point where it was time to start his own endeavour.

If Meg Company is truly a labour of love, a single pair of Yuketen can take between 96 and 120 hours, then so are its humble beginnings. Encouraged by his then-girlfriend and now wife Megumi, who purchased him a fax machine which jumpstarted the company, Meg Company was born named in Megumi’s honour.


Different Brands: Fast forward 33 years, and Meg Company boasts an impressive lineup of menswear heavyweights, including but not limited to Monitaly, Yuketen and Chamula.



Through Yuki’s unique vision, Monitaly revitalises classic American silhouettes and creates innovative products, well-crafted garments blending sophisticated detailing with astute attention to detail; proof that American craftsmanship mixed with worldly style lives on.


Monitaly’s ultimate goal is to create garments that age beautifully and clothes that are equally as distinctive and compelling today as they will be tomorrow. Monitaly endeavours to create garments for those who have a spirit for adventure and passion for unique clothing.


New to Hansen for SS22, we are especially fond of the Monitaly’s short sleeve shirt offerings; The Mechanic Shirt and 50s Milano Shirt are available in bright and bold prints helping you to make a statement this summer.








Yuketen was born with a mission to merge refined shoe-making traditions with modern, daring designs, thus creating outstanding shoes in style and quality.
Yuketen - established in 1989 - makes footwear with careful consideration to detail and quality.


The brand only uses the finest leathers and materials, which are sourced from all over the world. The buttery and supple oiled leathers are tanned in the USA, the full-grain flesh-out leather and suede are tanned in Toscana, Italy, and the vegetable-tanned leathers are tanned in Mexico.


This ensures that these shoes are not only built to last but also look great and feel comfortable. Born from a passion for slow craftsmanship and the rugged outdoors of Maine in America’s northeast, Yuketen has long been a favourite of ours at Hansen, and we are excited to offer a selection of our favourite styles. The Semi Handsewn Maine Guide Ox in FO G Brown is a great introduction to the time, quality and comfort of Yuketen’s superior footwear.




As you may know by now, at HANSEN Garments we love unusual pieces with a rich backstory and heritage. And Chamula Original fits into this category perfectly! The traditional Huarache shoes from Mexico, made by hand from vegetable-tanned leather, have a design out of this world.


The materials used for the production are locally sourced in the Mexican hillsides. From the highest quality leather used for the Chamula huarache sandals to the softest Merino wool for the Chamula knitwear. A mainstay at Hansen for many years, Chamula’s Cancun Huarache Sandal are the perfect summer footwear. Lightweight, comfortable and crafted in Mexico, the Cancun will surely put a spring in anyone's step.


Yuki Matsuda and Meg Company are truly masters of their craft. Weaving the best of Japanese and American fashion sensibilities with an extra splash of flavour from around the world.

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