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A cycle around our hometown of Copenhagen can feel like an expedition some days. So, it makes sense that our ROALD anorak gets its name from the Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen.



As the first people to plant a flag in the South Pole back in 1911, Amundsen and his team needed a suitable fit. They wore fur with swathes of loose-fitting fabric on top, which our ROALD anorak takes inspiration from. It’s easy to see the resemblance in the hazy black and white photographs, blurred by the Antarctic wind.



To ensure the piece is water-repellent, we’ve cut the outer shell from 100% nylon, making it the first exclusively synthetic fabric in the HANSEN Garments collection. However, thanks to it being woven in Japan in expert hands, the fabric has the feel of cotton. It’s lightweight and soft, easy to wear.


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Natural fibres feature in the piece too. The lining is made from a wool-cotton blend, keeping the body warm whilst maintaining breathability. Woolen ribbed cuffs fix the anorak to the body at the wrists. Even the nylon is dyed with the natural colours of the logwood tree. It’s this design choice which gives the piece a natural unevenness in colour, characterising the anorak as a true HANSEN Garments item.


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A long zipper on the left side seam makes the anorak easy to take on and off. The two-button slit on the back of the garment allows you to move around easily whilst wearing it too. The anorak has a relaxed, spacious fit, making it a versatile piece of clothing.