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Summer is our favourite season. The Spring Summer 2021 Collection is all about our love for summer and long light days, a warm summer breeze, walking barefooted on a sandy beach or taking a rest in the shade. We can always daydream about summer while reviving the images and feelings it gives us to get through the harsh winters.


The colours of the SS21 season are a reflection of cool waters, sunny skies and sandy beaches. The key colours this season are hues of beige, grey, white, blue and real indigo. To add some sun rays, we enhanced warm tones of yellow.


The designs and colours are subtle, the fits are relaxed and the fabrics will age with grace. Taking inspiration from both workwear and classic tailoring, we merge it into our core concept of finding balance in-between. The collection is ready to be personalised, wear it wherever and whenever you want to and however you like to. We encourage you to express your personality and individuality. Enjoy the spring and summer and remember, there are no rules when it comes to dressing up.

NotHing more comfortable than the best cotton


This season we are taking upon many different cotton qualities in various weights and weaving techniques. To mention some, they are Dobby, Fancy, Lance and Jacquard weave. Let’s have a look at these in specific pieces from our SS21 collection.

As we believe in garments that can outlast any season, each novel collection invigorates pieces that have been essential to HANSEN Garments, adding reimagined garments through tailoring details, suitable and thrilling materialsfabrics for the season and silhouettes that incorporate elegant tailoring into the uncompromising power of workwear.

The all-time classic HENNING shirt, transforming throughout our collections, is back in four different shades, from lighter white and dolphin to more vivid sunbeam and indigo. This centrepiece is made of lightweight Italian cotton twill and thanks to its comfort it became a trademark of HANSEN Garments for over 12 collections.

The best summer suiting reimagined through FOLKE Jacket


This summer season, let us lead you into the wonderfully bright future we all so desire. Introducing the headliners of the summer suiting, FOLKE Scarecrow's Jacket with TRYGVE Wide Cut Cropped Trousers. This piece comes in two fabric alternatives.


The Lancé weave of double-faced cotton gives an impression of hand-stitched material thanks to its unique weaving construction. The Italian cotton blend makes for a firm but airy and comfortable feeling.

On the other hand, the heavy yarn-dyed cotton and hemp weave creates a special design between the ever-changing fabric of its weft and warp. These kimono-style jackets can be closed in different ways and carry several pockets for storing your favourite items.


The FOLKE jackets are accompanied by TRYGVE Wide Cut Cropped Trousers, the perfect length for spring and summer days. Made of matching fabric, the trousers are slightly tapered, yet the cut provides enough comfort and space to move.

Shield yourself throughout the rainy days with DIRK and MORTEN


Even though we are all looking forward to the sunny days of the spring and summer season, an integral part of your wardrobe should always be a great raincoat or windbreaker coat. We worked with Italian fabric made of 62% cotton 38% polyester creating a traditional dense blend with a water repellent finish for the best spring garment.


And now we are proud to introduce our DIRK Short Zipper Windbreaker Jacket, a newcomer for the SS21 collection and the MORTEN Long Windbreaker Coat, one of our all-time favourites. The fabric has a soft feeling to touch and thanks to its quality and uneven colouration creating a unique design.

The light colours combined with the airy fabrics found a perfect connection in the HANSEN SS21 collection, reviving not only your wardrobe, but also your spirit, preparing for better days to come. Reimagining the existing pieces to give them new life and repurpose what was once great to fall in love with the piece again is the ultimate goal of HANSEN Garments and will forever be the mantra with which we navigate this world. We invite you to reimagine your summer and life with us.