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Winter Breeze


If one thing represents sustainable clothing then it is quality over quantity. This season more than ever, we focused our collection on quality fabrics and their different designs throughout our garments.


But above all, throughout this collection we cherish longevity. The versatile colours and sturdy fabrics encourage you to reuse your garments from season to season and fall in love with your clothing.


The feeling to remember


We want to extend the limits of the traditional outlook on men's collections that wouldn't compromise comfort, nor the quality. For AW21 we have included several boundary-pushing fabrics and bold patterns. This includes Chenille fabrics, bold Houndstooth patterns and fuzzy yarns.


The colourways remain subtle in earthy tones and with hues of grey as the lead colour. Grey represents neutrality and balance, something we desperately long for after this turbulent season.


It also gives space for other colours to take on the lead role. The AW21 collection carries drops of red, turmeric and green on the perfect grey background. Both the materials used in this collection and the colour scheme evoke the comforting feeling of harmony and excellence.


Let's have a look at some of the newcomers and highlights from the HANSEN Garments AW21 collection!

Our favourite autumn and winter knitwear


THOMAS Hounds Tooth Cardigan is a nod to the traditional patterns, yet at the same time, the design and material push our vision forward.


The design is achieved through the double tubular jacquard houndstooth pattern, created using 100% GOTS certified pure wool from Australia.


Our ultimate favourite this season is the LEONARD Knitted Crew Neck Sweater. This unique piece is made of Italian worsted wool, which is finer than regular wool, therefore more insulating and resilient to weather, as it traps cool air and rain in the outer layer.


This design is available in two colour shades, “bonfire” and “ashes”. Whether you like to stand out of the crowd or blend in, this knitted sweater is exactly what you've been longing for. It's extremely comfortable and elegant.

Suit it up!


Casual suiting is never absent from our collection, and this time around we have assembled something really special for you.


In the spirit of subtle grey that is leading the AW21 season, we created the CHRIS Classic Two-Button Blazer, made of classic winter yarn called ROCKS, that is a blend of wool, polyester and elastane from Italy, to ensure the longevity of this garment. It is a perfect piece to wear on its own or combined with the FRED Regular Fit Trousers and DANIEL Classic Waistcoat. 


While we appreciate suiting, we also know that last year has completely changed the game of formal clothing. That's why we created our own take on casual suits with the ROBERT Casual Pull-On Shirt and JIMMY Casual Cargo Drawstring Pants.


This elegant yet comfortable set is perfect for your home office days and even quick coffee meetings. Made of Italian cotton, wool and elastane blend, these garments are comfortable with a vintage feel and look to them.


Moreover, to ensure the longevity of the ROBERT and JIMMY set, we prewashed each piece. This process makes the fabric even softer to touch but prolongs its resistance to elements and further washing.


NIKOLAI Informal 3-button Blazer together with KEN Wide Cut Work Trousers and KAJ Casual Waistcoat are all made of a real indigo cotton blend with a denim-like feel. This suiting combination will be a showstopper at any casual event if you decide to pull all the stops.



But if you're looking for something more down to earth, we have options for you too, with our BERTRAM Refined Work Jacket and BOBBY Super Wide Pleated Trousers.


The intricate tailoring that stands out through the Turmeric colour shade will play the first fiddle, while you just stay comfortable throughout the day.


Beside Turmeric we have the classic looking black version as well.

Wrap it up in style


Since the colder seasons are all about layering, we created the TONY Bonded Padded Vest, a brilliant piece to add to your outfit as an extra layer or let it stand out on its own. Made of Italian cotton and viscose blend with Japanese woollen binding tape at all edges, this newcomer for AW21 is lightweight, yet warm and soft.


For the ultimate comfort this season, top off your TONY Bonded Padded Vest with our ATLAS Short Wool Jacket, or its longer hooded version, the VIKTOR Long Hooded Wool Coat. Both of these garments are made with 100% Portuguese wool, a material that is known for its softness and sturdiness.


We believe all good things should be endured, that's why for the AW21 collection we are bringing back some of your, and our, favourites. Keeping you comfortable through this autumn and winter will be once again STORM Hooded Cotton Parka, ESKILD Mechanics Cap or wardrobe essentials like HAAKON Hidden Button-Down Shirts from 100% Italian Cotton in new colours or STEFAN Worker Over Shirt.


We believe in our clothing and things we create, and gladly share that trust with you, so you can wear your garments with joy and love them for generations. This season, embrace new beginnings and explore new options, but stay true to your age-old values.