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AW20 , Brown to earth


The colour brown is the colour of the earth. It represents solidity, grounding, warmth - a sense of wholesomeness which keeps us stable. It’s impossible to think of better energy to enter the colder months with. That’s why our autumn-winter collection focuses on natural, earthy brown colours. We’re proud to share it with you.


From light, sandy beige to the darkest coffee brown, we feature the plethora of comforting earthy shades in this collection. Each piece encourages you to stay comfortable and grounded as we enter the new season. Of course, the collection features some of our dependable classics, as well as newcomers. We hope that the pieces inspire a sense of warm, elegant stability in you.

Our ROY shirt for a blast of earthy colour

To begin, let’s take a look at our ROY shirt, a newcomer for the AW20 season. The piece is constructed from a fine baby corduroy which is super lightweight. The 100% Italian cotton composition makes it warm, yet breathable. It’s a brilliant piece for layering. Not only does the ROY shirt add an extra layer of protection from an autumn breeze, but it also adds a cosy textural detail to an outfit.

The ROY shirt is informal in styling, with two chest flap pockets and a loose, casual fit. It comes in three bold, autumnal colours - a deep, dark navy, a stony colour named wildebeest, and a wonderful, rich tan called impala. If you’d like to inject any outfit with a blast of earthy colour during the colder months, layer the ROY shirt in impala under or over your cool-toned jumpers.

Dressed up cosiness with our checkered wool suit


The colour brown doesn’t just work for laid back pieces. Our checkered wool suit is a sophisticated choice which will keep you warm too. Thanks to the setup of the warp and weft used to make the Italian wool fabric, different shades of yarn blend together into a blur of black and rich brown colours. It looks cosy, and indeed it is - the fabric is light and fleecy, a pleasure to wear.

The luxurious fabric may be a newcomer for AW20, but the suit’s cut is one we already treasure at HANSEN Garments. Our ANKER four button classic blazer references old-world suiting styles with elegant, high-cut lapels. The WILLIAM vest also has high-cut lapels and double-welted pockets. Our KEN trousers, with their slightly looser silhouette, contrast to the blazer and vest beautifully. We’ve loved reinventing one of our favourite suiting combinations in this exquisite, timeless fabric.

The JASPER jacket for a versatile choice


Choosing versatile pieces is another way to make your wardrobe feel grounded, with a solid foundation. Another of our newcomers, JASPER, is a striking combination of blazer and jacket. This piece can be worn in two ways. Do up the top button and you have a snug jacket which will protect you from the elements. On the other hand, if you leave the top button undone, the structure of the jacket changes, creating the illusion of lapels and a more formal piece. The JASPER jacket also has some delightful workwear details such as the large, patched-on pockets at the front. It’s signature of HANSEN Garment’s style, a solid favourite to wear again and again.

The piece is made from a 100% Italian cotton melange. We love the fact that the yarns in the cotton fabric contain 30% recycled cotton fibres. It has a brushed finish on both sides making the jacket luxuriously soft and comfortable to wear. There’s a delightful fleck in the fabric too, creating an uneven monochrome pattern. The rich grey colour goes brilliantly with brown hues.

Protect yourself from the elements with our ATLAS wool felt jacket


When it comes to protecting yourself from the elements, your only choice is to use natural materials to fight back. Our ATLAS 100% wool jacket is the ultimate piece of winter outerwear and a newcomer for AW20. With its thick, dense structure, the piece will help you feel unperturbed by any adverse weather, leaving you to enjoy any day mother earth throws our way.

The sturdy Portuguese wool felt contains fibres in lots of different shades of brown. As you can see from the piece, the result is a rich, dappled effect called a mélange, the French word for ‘mix’. Because the material is made up of so many different shades, it pairs with almost anything, especially block-coloured items.

HANSEN Garment’s AW20 collection is made up of pieces which are warm, comforting, and elegant. Brown, the colour of the earth and everything it represents, has been a huge inspiration to us for this collection. It reminds us of being grounded in our choices, a concept at the very heart of slow fashion. The colour is also a constant reminder of the value of the earth with live on and all the incredible natural resources which make up this collection, keeping us warm throughout autumn and winter. In celebration of the earth!