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Swim Shorts

There's several garments that make the capsule wardrobe complete. And even though swim shorts might not be the first thing you would think about, they definitely are among the basics. But capsule wardrobe is all about the top quality garments that will long a lifetime, about sustainable clothing that you don't have to recycle, because even after multiple use it will be just as good as new. 

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Enjoying the sand and marine environment in swim shorts for men such as these by Atalaye is an ode to summer. Not only their unique style if the feature that separate you from the crowd, but the last addition to this collection has been solely made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The Rip Stop swim shorts for men by Atalaye has been designed with our oceans in mind. Because the only way to truly enjoy warm and glittering sand and gravel of beautiful coastal grounds is to know that you have played your part in protecting them. Atalaye latest collection of recycled swim shorts brings a clear message to the fashion industry, on how things can be done better.

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