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Le Laboureur jackets

Le Laboureur is a renowned French workwear brand established in 1956 by Primo Zalenti in Digoine, Burgundy, south of France. Le Laboureur translates to 'The Ploughman' in English.

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Work jackets

Le Laboureur's work jackets, known as the Sack Coat or Chore Jacket, feature traditional French designs with quality moleskin fabric. This heavy cotton material, woven and sheared, offers durability and comfort, making it ideal for daily wear. The pocket is an integral element of the Le Laboureur chore jacket, and most jackets come with three front pockets.

Style inspiration

Le Laboureur's workwear embodies a rich history and adheres to traditional production methods. The brand's garments, including shirts and trousers, are known for their classic workwear feel. Vintage pieces from Primo's original designs are highly sought after, reflecting the enduring quality and design.

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