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Why is Japanese denim such a world-known article and what makes it so special? We all know that investing in quality clothing over an insane amount of cheap clothes is a decision no one ever regrets. Japanese denim is so special, in any aspect, that it can easily be categorised as a long term investment into your wardrobe.

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As a company, Japan Blue started several projects at the same time, to boost the production of their beloved city. The entire production of the Japan Blue denim is being closely overseen by the company's manufacturers. From choosing Japan Blue cotton, fabric production, dyeing and sewing the finished products. 

Japan Blue Jeans is special in its production as well as in its origins. The brand was started as a branch of already running company Japan Blue Co. by

Hiroki Kishimoto, who decided to first settle on the European market. Once successful there, he expanded on the domestic Japanese market as well.

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