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Astorflex shoes

Astorflex shoes are handmade in Italy from the finest Italian leather. They’re known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and Astorflex footwear is celebrated for its high-end Italian construction, eco-friendly materials, and versatile style. Astorflex stands out from many other footwear brands, as it was founded in the 19th century, and it is still a family-owned business.

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Italian Leather Materials: Vegetable Tanned Calf Leather

Their shoes are made with the best leathers on the market, including Italian leather for the upper shoe. The internal lining and insoles are made from vegetable-tanned calf leather, which offers health benefits and hypoallergenic properties. They work with vegetable-tanned leathers, which means they are tanned using natural products such as powdered oak bark and coagulated latex. The soles are made with natural rubber from the rubber tree, and all shoe parts are made with water-based adhesives, water-based colors, and non-solvent glues. The Astorflex crepe sole is manually constructed using layers of para for flexibility and comfort.

Italian Standards

Italy, renowned for its world-class craftsmanship and quality, is the birthplace of Astorflex desert boots. Every step, from sourcing the materials to the meticulous assembly of the shoes, happens in Italy, showcasing their commitment to maintaining a high standard of artistry and attention to detail.

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