Steen Jørgensen shot by Erik Refer

Hansen collaborate once again with Danish born world press photography winner and friend Erik Refner to present the AW19 collection. Featuring none other then the pioneer of Danish punk rock music, Steen Jørgensen.  Refner is known for his innate ability to extract such raw and honest positions from his images, allowing for the subjects character to be brought through.  Which draws parallels from head designer Aase Hansen’s time as a photographer, casting interesting faces that are fascinating to her, which are often the main concept behind a campaign idea. 

Steen Jørgensen is a character that is true to himself, without compromise. His authenticity as a musician has allowed him to always remain honest to his trade whilst also writing music that has seen him become one of the most characteristic voices in the Danish music scene since the late 70’s.  Despite he’s numerous accolades, Steen has always remained loyal to his own self, allowing him to travel effortlessly in the history of music.  Head designer Aase Hansen’s process describes the way we relate to clothes, staying honest to herself as a designer whilst creating collections that are authentic and timeless.

 Each Hansen collection pays respect to its predecessor whilst also creating pathways to explore new avenues, ideas and fabrics to work with. Aase Hansen explains the sourcing of fabrics and colour schemes behind her collections envisioning her design process as the same book but just a different chapter, ‘as a designer it takes a long time to find your own language and to stick to that, from what I do now is a combination of my own self but also what I have achieved through experience’.

It’s through experience that Aase has once again been able to draw upon her love for high quality materials with well thought out details to create the AW19 collection.  Standout pieces from the collection include the Anders work jacket with matching Eigil trousers in brushed cotton, inviting us to see, touch and feel the quality of the craftsmanship. As well as the classic pin stripe & herringbone three piece suit. The Knitwear is produced in Denmark paying homage to the brands native surroundings and respect for local craft.

Honesty, integrity and conviction are values that hold true to Hansen, inviting both Refner & Jørgensen to explore their own character throughout this campaign creates a collaboration that is strong, honest and real- like that of the Hansen AW19 collection.


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