Our first collaboration

With a similar approach to the concept of working with the Nordic values, traditions and aesthetics, we have from very early on had a vision of working with Noma.

When asked to design the uniforms for the Noma staff, we naturally accepted. Noma was re-opening in Copenhagen and at the time we started developing the garments, there was nothing but a empty gravelled space at their new location at Refshaleøen, where the restaurant now has been up and running since February 2018.

Based on meetings and seeing architectural and interior plans, we wanted to create garments looking like a natural part of the bigger picture. We wanted the uniforms to blend into the environment more than stand out.

Apart from the colour- and fabric choices, functionality and comfort were of course very important. We wanted an exclusive look using natural looking fabrics. Casual, yet high-end, nothing too formal or stiff.

The end result is very much how we pictured it, a discrete looking uniform making a friendly and welcoming impression.

Here you have the opportunity to get a peek of what Noma looks like behind the scene.



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