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The second week of August was a busy time for all in Copenhagen. Tourists had began to return, the sun was out and fashion week was in full effect. For Hansen however, this week was of particular note as we celebrated the opening of our new retail space.
Having opened our inaugural shop on Pilestræde 5 years ago, we felt it was time to step-out and offer a new platform to present our philosophy: Investment dressing, great garments and strong, long lasting partnerships with like minded people. Located in in the heart of Copenhagens Frederiksberg neighbourhood at 103 Gammel Kongevej, here you will find well-loved Hansen classics alongside new seasonal offerings and an ever evolving selection of multi-brand catering to our new neighbours and beyond.
We’d like to thank everyone who came and made it such special celebration. And to those of you that couldn’t make it we, hope to see you soon…
The autumn/winter season maybe beginning but for now enjoy a recap of that summer evenings festivities. Next time you’re in Frederiksberg, come and say hello.
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