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The timeless pieces of Sunray Sportswear are designed in Newquay, Cornwall and made in Japan. The brand pays extra attention to detail, ensuring that every garment is crafted with the utmost quality and care.

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Thoughtful Choices

Sunray Sportswear is inspired by the counter culture of our time - a thoughtful and calm approach in all aspects. The care and consideration Sunray puts into their production directly translates into the high-quality and long-lasting garments they produce. Their hope is that this timeless understated ethos will inspire customers to adopt a more thoughtful and conscious approach to their own choices, ultimately contributing to the protection of the planet and enhancing their own quality of life.

Clean and Simple Aesthetic

The company's collections adhere to a clean and simple aesthetic that is reminiscent of the counter culture the 1950s, where an unpretentious attitude and timeless understated ethos were the norm and logos were not emphasized. Sunray Sportswear embodies classic sportswear aesthetics through its vintage and minimalistic style. If you like your comfortable clothing to have a clean and timeless look, Sunday Sportswear is the choice for you.

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